If you are a hunter, the Whitecourt and Woodlands County region is the place for you!

Our area boasts a variety of big game trophy hunting for elk, moose, mule deer and whitetail deer. We also have excellent opportunities to hunt for bear, wolves, even cougars. There is also a variety of game bird species, including geese and ducks. We truly do have some of Alberta's finest hunting.

Hunting draws are done in June annually for hunting across the province. Apply to Alberta Sustainable Resource Development for the opportunity to hunt for a variety of species of big game. For more information visit

Groat Creek Outfitters

Experience a full service, high-quality hunting opportunity. You are invited to come hunt for a unique experience. For more information find them on Facebook

@Groat Creek Outfitters

Woodlands County Hunting

For more information call or visit the Whitecourt Forest Interpretive Centre at 1-800-313-7383.

Whitecourt Hunting

Whitecourt Elk

Whitecourt Deer Hunting