Coal Mine Hill Lookout

Coal Mine Hill provides a breathtaking view of rolling fields and forest. Located just 13 kilometres east of Whitecourt down 41 Avenue, this vantage point rests above an old coal mine that operated in the 1950s.

E.S. Huestis Demonstration Forest

Forestry is a major part of the history and economy of the region, and one of the greatest ways to learn about the industry is by visiting the E.S. Huestis Demonstration Forest. Located just minutes from Whitecourt (13 kilometres northwest on Highway 32), it provides a 10 square kilometre forest area that shows how a forest can sustain recreation, wildlife habitat, and resource harvesting over an extended period of time. This would be the perfect outing for individuals who are passionate about the environment, or for those with a general interest in the forestry practices. A 7-kilometre trail will guide you through the forest where you will learn something new at each of the 26 interpretive signs. You can walk, bike, or drive the trail.

Geographic Centre of Alberta

Located on Highway 33 on the east side of Woodlands County, lies a unique point of interest - the Geographical Centre of Alberta. A short  3 kilometre hike will take you from the information kiosk at the highway, through this natural area to the cairn marking the Centre of Alberta. This area is currently being updated in partnership with Alberta Sustainable Resources and Woodlands County. The geographic centre of Alberta marks the mid-point between the north and south boundary, and the east and west boundary of the province located at N 540 30.000 W 1150 00.000

Blue Ridge Recreation Area

The Blue Ridge Recreation Area has it all for nature lovers. The trail system is perfect for walking or cycling. There is a quaint beach and designated swimming area perfect for cooling off in the summer heat. Picnic tables and portable restrooms are on site to enhance your day trip to this site.

Fishing enthusiasts will be intrigued to know that in 2011, the south lake was stocked with trout and is now managed as a quality stocked trout fishery.

In the winter, the Blue Ridge Recreation Area is ideal for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. The 3 km of trails provide the perfect path for you to release your energy no matter the season.

Hard Luck Canyon

Hard Luck Canyon is a beautiful place nestled in the forests of Woodlands County. Located 20 kilometres from Whitecourt on West Mountain Road, the canyon makes for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It's a perfect place to go and enjoy a breathtaking view of the ancient cliffs with the sound of the trickling falls and creek nearby. It is a prime location for visitors and local residents alike to relax for a picnic, or take some time to just relax under nature's canopy. Woodlands County has expanded the amenities located at the canyon in 2010 and has reopened the attraction with new washrooms, picnic tables, a walking trail and bridge. If you'd like to explore the best nature has to offer, Hard Luck Canyon won't disappoint you.

Driving Directions to Hard Luck Falls & Canyon   Trail Map